Town Planning coordinates land use and development by balancing economic, social and environmental issues. At the Shire of Kondinin, the key statutory document to guide development is the Town Planning Scheme No.1. The key objectives of the Town Planning Scheme No. 1 are: 

  • to secure the amenity, health and convenience of the Scheme area and the inhabitants thereof;
  • to ensure there is a sufficient supply of suitable serviced land for housing, employment, commercial activities, community facilities, recreation and open space; 
  • to provide for housing choice and variety in neighbourhoods with a community identity and high levels of safety, accessibility and visual amenity; 
  • to preserve, protect and enhance townscapes and places, buildings and objects of heritage value, historic interest, natural beauty or scientific interest which exist throughout the Shire; 
  • to promote the sustainable use of rural land for agricultural purposes whilst accommodating other rural activities; 
  • to protect, conserve and enhance the environmental values and natural resources of the Scheme area including the protection of remnant vegetation and the rehabilitation and revegetation of degraded land while providing appropriate development opportunities to promote the local economy; 
  • to promote ecologically sustainable land use and development; 
  • to assist the effective implementation of the State Planning Strategy, State Planning Framework (SPP No.8) and other adopted strategies and policies as these apply to the Wheatbelt Region; and 
  • to make provision for other matters necessary or incidental to town planning and development generally. 

Advice on Planning Applications: 

Before commencing any development of land within the Shire, landowners and/or applicants are advised to contact the Shire’s Planning Officer, Tory Young on 9889 1006 or to discuss their proposal prior to submitting a formal Planning Application to the Shire. 

The types of matters to be discussed may include:

  • Zoning enquires
  • How a property can be developed
  • What types of uses are permitted
  • What development standards are required for a particular property  
  • Process for lodging a planning application

In addition, it is recommended that landowners and/or applicants read the Shire’s Information Note: Advice on Planning Applications which can be downloaded below.

Information on Fees and Charges for 2015/2016 can be downloaded below.

Key Planning Documents:

  • Town Planning Scheme No. 1 Text
  • Legend
  • Map 1 – Kondinin Overall
  • Map 2 – Kondinin Townsite
  • Map 3 – Hyden Townsite
  • Map 4 – Karlgarin Townsite
  • Map 5 – Bendering Townsite
  • Map Index

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