About Shire of Kondinin

The Shire boasts three towns, namely Kondinin, Hyden and Karlgarin. Kondinin is located at the western end and is 272km from Perth. Karlgarin is 45km east of Kondinin and Hyden is 60km east of Kondinin. In addition to the towns, there is the tourist attraction icon of Wave Rock a further 5km east of Hyden.

Additionally in 1955 a group of farmers founded what is now know as the "Kondinin Group" which now undertakes research for the farming community and is Australia wide. The industries for the Shire consist of cereal, sheep, cattle farming manufacturing and tourism. Kondinin and Hyden both have swimming pools and ovals while Kondinin and Karlgarin have bowling greens. Karlgarin also has an oval.

Electrical Power was first installed in Kondinin in 1928 with Western Power, formerly the State Energy Commission, arriving on the scene in the 1970's. The Comprehensive Water Scheme was put through the Kondinin area in 1956. Water came from the Mundaring Weir initially, but is now sourced from the Harris Dam.

From 1925 to the present day, starting with no money, the Council now boasts machinery valued at approximately $2.5 million with 5 full time inside staff, 4 part time staff and 17 outside work staff.

Within the Shire of Kondinin there are Community Resources Centres in Kondinin and Hyden, a Hospital in Kondinin, Primary Schools in Kondinin and Hyden with a Doctor which services the Shire of Kondinin and Kulin.

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