Machinery Shed Application Proposal- Hyden-Lake King Road, Hyden

Published on Monday, 2 October 2023 at 4:01:45 PM

Planning and Development Act 2005

Shire of Kondinin

Notice of public advertisement of planning proposal

The local government has received an application to develop and use land for the following purpose and public comments are invited.

Lot No: Lot 802 on DP76835

Street: Hyden-Lake King Road Suburb: Hyden  

Proposal: An application has been received for a machinery shed to be constructed on the southern portion of Lot 802 Hyden-Lake King Road, Hyden.

Details of the proposal are available for inspection at the local government office in Hyden and Kondinin or on the Shire’s website Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the local government in writing on or before Monday 16th October 2023.  

David Burton

Chief Executive Officer

2nd October 2023