New possible Shire slogan

Published on Thursday, 4 August 2022 at 11:58:49 AM

New possible Shire slogan!


We are looking at the possibility of making "Home of Wave Rock" our new Shire slogan!

The slogan was mentioned in 2020 during the Shire of Kondinin logo rebranding workshops, this process was postponed due to the purposed Shire name change. Shire slogans are not necessary to have with the logo, however should represent our whole Shire.

The goal of the slogan is to encourage the visitors to see our Shire and to represent our sense of community.

"Home of Wave Rock" represents one of WA's major attractions located in our Shire. Having "Home of Wave Rock" as the Shire slogan may assist the marketability of the Shire and can be changed gradually with the new logo.

We encourage public opinion on this decision. Other possible slogan ideas are encourage.

New possible Shire slogan PDF- Shire of Kondinin

Any comments and/or suggestions please send through to David Burton at by Friday 9th September 2022.