Mural & Season Poles - Tuesday 4th - Thursday 6th July 2017

Whilst being rather cold it was great to see the number of children who came along to support the events held by the Shire over the July school holidays. The holidays kicked off with the always popular Noongar Sports Day which is run by the team at Noongar Wellbeing and Sports who travel down from Perth. Over the years the kids have developed a great rapport with the staff at Noongar Sports who are always friendly and engaging and offer a range of fun games for all to join in. 

The week followed on with the Kondinin Community Culture Arts Project in which the Shire was fortunate to receive funds from the Department of Culture and the Arts to engage artists Ashley and Kelly Collard to assist in developing a mural for the Kondinin Primary School Centenary and also the painting of the Noongar Six Seasons on poles at the Kondinin Community Garden. This project culminated with a BBQ lunch and Noongar Games and later some toasted marshmallows in the fire pit. 

A huge thank you to the Kondinin Arts Group, especially Ann Smoker who volunteered much of the week towards this project and in the lead up to the event. A shout out also to Naomi Graham, Yvonne and Steve Boxall, Kylie Collard, Tania Biglin, Toni Smeed, Sam Repacholi, Simon Paton, Ida Welsh and Mike Pratzky who all helped out during the week and in the lead up to the event. Thanks again also to all the children and their families that came along to support the events.

Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports Program - Monday 3rd July 2017

Nyoongar Sports Day - 2017

The Amazing Race - Youth Week Event - Wednesday 19th April 2017

Youth Week Event The Amazing Race Wednesday 19th April, ten participants worked in teams to traverse around Kondinin to find clues and answer questions.  Three teams were formed and some group bonding sessions were held.  The first challenge required a good knowledge of flags of the world.  Each team had to find 4 flags from each region.  If they were wrong they had to find 2 extra from each region.  There were various stops around town including: Community Garden - where children had to make a mud cake using a recipe found at IGA, Sing nursery rhymes and find and name herbs; St Peter's Church - sing Halleluiah; The Old School Site - complete a quiz and the Exercite park - perform a set of exercises.  A Thesaurus had to be found at the library and a jigsaw puzzle had to be completed at the CRC.  Everyone got into the spirit of the day.

Easter Baskets - Thursday 13th April 2017

The Lions Club wanted to deliver Easter baskets to the Seniors of Kondinin, so the CRC got involved and held an Easter basket making workshop on Thursday 13th April 2017.

A basket in the shape of a bunny was cut out and decorated, assembled and filled with eggs.  A group of children then accompanied a CRC staff member to deliver the baskets to the hospital, Yeerakine Lodge and West Court.  The children loved knocking on the door and presenting the baskets to the seniors and the recipients were very appreciative of their special surprise and visitors. 

Tour de Kondinin - Bike Week Event - Saturday 25th March 2017

Bike Week Event - Tour de Kondinin, Saturday 25th March Fifteen children and three adults took on the challenge.  Policeman Chris gave children a talk on bike safety and the importance of wearing a helmet. 

After some warm up laps around the Road Safety Park, children decided whether they wanted to work in groups or by themselves and got given their clue bags.  The Community Garden, Road Safety Park, Sporting precinct and Centenary Walk were the major places where the questions were focussed although the older children had the option of going down the main street too. 

Freestyle Now - Kondinin & Hyden - Thursday 6th October 2016

Through funding from Healthway the Shire of Kondinin was able to invite Freestyle Now to come to Kondinin and Hyden during the school holidays for a jam session and work shop in both towns. The guys from Freestyle Now were able to show the kids some great new moves on their bikes and scooters and ran some fun competitions with some great prizes. Thank you to all the kids that supported the event – everyone looked they had a great time and were able to develop their scooting and cycling skills and tricks.

Tae Kwon Do Classes - Kondinin and Hyden - Friday 15th July 2016

Nyoongar Sports Day - Wednesday 13th July 2016

Kondinin Olympic Games - Monday 11th July 2016

The Kondinin Olympic Games was held on the 11th July 2016.  The Olympic Torch was passed in relay style to Sam Dennis who lit the flame for the duration of the games.  The Olympic Oath was taken.  Events included:

Beanbag throw for accuracy; Bullseye - using a turbo jav; Equestrian Walk & Trot; Gymnastics Rainbow Rhythm routine; Track events including the sack race and egg & spoon; soccer score; mini modern pentathlon; shoot and run and relays.  Lots of different sporting equipment was used to participate in each activity.  Lots of fun and great sportsmanship was had by the 17 children that participated. 

Kite Making - Saturday 9th, April 2016

Nyoongar Sports Day - Kondinin, Tuesday 12th, April 2016

Youth Week Golf Day - Hyden, Wednesday 13th, April 2016

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