Shire of Kondinin

Located in the Wheatbelt, 273kms east of Perth on the Brookton Hwy. The Shire of Kondinin is bursting with unique experiences, vibrant history and an authentic Aussie atmosphere.


The Shire of Kondinin consists of three townsites - Kondinin, Karlgarin and Hyden.

The Kondinin Shire Council comprises of 7,340km2 located in the Central Eastern Wheatbelt.

The three towns promote a theme representing their area.  Kondinin promotes "Heritage of Red Soil Riches", Karlgarin promotes "Small and Proud" and Hyden promotes "Bush Living at its Best"

The Kondinin Road Board was formed from the portions of the Roe Road Board, Corrigin Road Board and Narembeen Road Board on 19th June 1925.  The first election was held on 5th September 1925, with the first meeting taking place in the Kondinin Hall on the 12th September 1925.  It became a Shire Council in 1961.




Monday 25th November, 2016

The Annual Meeting of Electors of the Shire of Kondinin will be held on Wednesday the 14th December 2016 at the Karlgarin Hall commencing at 5.00pm. 

The purpose of the meeting and order of business is as follows:- 

  1.     Confirmation of minutes of meeting held 10th February 2016
  2.     Receiving the Annual report covering the period 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016
  3.     Reading of the Auditors report covering the period 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016
  4.     Dealing with such general business as the President sees fit or as the majority of electors   present may decide. 

Note:  The Annual report containing the financial statements and other relevant information is             available from the shire offices in Kondinin and Hyden during normal office hours.

Electors wishing to raise any matter at the meeting, with that matter requiring research prior to the meeting are asked to give notice of the matter to the CEO no later than the 4pm on Wednesday the 7th December, 2016.

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The Shire of Kondinin is dedicated to providing facilities and services that meet the needs of the community and enable them to enjoy a pleasant, healthy country lifestyle.

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The Kondinin Shire is bursting with sites and attractions that will appeal to all travellers to the region

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The Shire of Kondinin has many opportunities available for anyone wanting to live and work in our region.

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The Shire of Kondinin is extremely proud of its community and the people that make it the best place to live.

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