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Located in the Wheatbelt, 272kms east of Perth on the Brookton Hwy. The Shire of Kondinin is bursting with unique experiences, vibrant history and an authentic Aussie atmosphere.




17th March 2014

The swimming pool bowl has been completed along with all plumbing to the newly erected pump shed. The contractors will be offsite until the end of June when they will return to commence the fitout of the pump shed, the tiling in the pool and the paving of the surrounds. In the meantime the sand pad and limestone retaining wall have been completed for the swimming pool amenities building. The steel has been ordered for the building and once received the erection can commence. Several large river gums located on the Kondinin Primary school grounds adjacent to the pool have been removed to mitigate the problem of invasive tree roots. These trees will be replaced at the completion of the project with a more suitable variety. The Shire of Kondinin wishes to thank Kondinin Primary School for allowing us to remove the trees to alleviate any future problems that the tree roots may have caused to the integrity of the swimming pool.      

Kondinin Pool 3


The Shire of Kondinin is dedicated to providing facilities and services that meet the needs of the community and enable them to enjoy a pleasant, healthy country lifestyle.

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The Kondinin Shire is bursting with sites and attractions that will appeal to all travellers to the region

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The Shire of Kondinin has many opportunities available for anyone wanting to live and work in our region.

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The Shire of Kondinin is extremely proud of its community and the people that make it the best place to live.

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