What's Happening in our Shire?

Community Grant 2023/2024

Thank you to all the community groups who submitted applications. A resolution from Council has been made at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on the 17th of May 2023 to confirm funding allocation in the 2023/2024 financial year.

The Council resolved to SUPPORT the funding of the 9 (nine) applications which amounts to a total of $40,080.75 subject to the adoption of the Shire’s 2023/2024 Budget either at the 19th July 2023 or 16th August 2023 Ordinary Meeting of Council, with details:

  • Kondinin Artist Group Inc - Dark Room Workshop & Dark Room Equipment = $4,410.00
  • Whispering Gums Retirement Village - Toilets for Visitors to Whispering Gums = $7,500.00
  • Hyden CWA - New Floor Covering CWA Kitchen area = $4,493.50
  • Kondinin Kreative - JW West Place Revitalisation Project: Planter Box, Signage to create an 'I-Spy game' with the New mural = $3,094.00
  • Hyden Tennis Club - Hot Shot Courts Fencing = $7,500.00
  • Karlgarin Country Club - Enclosing Children's Playground - Fencing = $4,202.00
  • Kondinin Burnout Challenge - 2000 Trees & Chain Mesh Gates = $2,565.00
  • Hyden Golf Club - Square EFTPOS & Laptop for Treasurer = $1,721.00
  • Hyden Lions Club - Additional Croquet Gear = $4,595.00

Hyden Swimming Pool Change Rooms

Works are nearing completion for the upgrades to the Hyden Swimming Pool change rooms. The new roof has now been installed, the building rendered, the tiling completed, and the partitions installed. Final plumbing and electrical works and installation of bathroom hardware are to be completed within the coming weeks.

This project has been funded through the Federal Governments Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program and has been undertaken by Contractors Solution4Building. Thank you to the Hyden Pool Manager, Wayne Dicker-Lee for being able to continue to manage the pool so well whilst the works were being undertaken and for the understanding of the local community during this time.

Community Water Supply Program 

The Shire of Kondinin were successful in receiving grant funding from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation for the removal of the two old plastic tanks and the installation of a new larger 275KL tank at The Humps standpipe to increase storage at this site together with new pumps and generator sets at the Kondinin Town Dams and Kondinin CBH dam to improve the efficiency and management of water at these locations.

The pads are down and ready for the new infrastructure scheduled to be installed in the coming weeks.

Hyden Tennis Courts Re-Surface

The Hyden Tennis Courts re-surface is near completion with the drainage works completed and the old surface prepped for the laying of the new surface. West Coast Sporting Surfaces are currently in Hyden undertaking the resurfacing which is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2023.


The Kondinin Community Shared Path that is currently being constructed between the Kondinin Hospital to the Kondinin Information Bay is progressing well and near completion. The 950m long, 2.5m wide shared path has been constructed under a Western Australian Bicycle Network grant and has been jointly funded by the Department of Transport and the Shire of Kondinin. The section between the Hospital and Stubbs Street was completed in December 2022 by T&D Ibbotson Contractors, with the second section between Stubbs Street and the Kondinin Information Bay scheduled to be completed by the end of May undertaken by Kondinin Building Services.

The formal ‘opening’ of the new footpath will be undertaken through an event during SOCK (Save Our Country Kids) week in conjunction with the Kondinin Community Resource Centre. More information on this opening event will be made available shortly. It is anticipated that the new shared pathway will greatly improve the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and those on gophers travelling within the Kondinin town site and will connect key services and amenities including the hospital, aged care facilities, skate park and tourist information bay.

ANZAC DAY - Kondinin

In the early morning of the 25th of April, the Kondinin Dawn Service was held at Yeerakine Rock.

Many locals and visitors attended the service and the unveiling of the new Anzac mural.

A huge thank you to the Kondinin RSL group for leading the service and all the behind-the-scenes work by local community volunteers.

Special mention to Shaun Franich as the sound engineer and to Ronelle Tyson, Hannah Franz & Helen Crane for riding their horses up to Yeerakine Rock to coincide with the Light Horse Brigade address delivered by Gary Repacholi making the service one of a kind.

Thank you to the Kondinin Netball Club for catering the Gunfire breakfast.

ANZAC DAY - Hyden 

At 6am on Tuesday the 25th of April, the Hyden Progress Association, Hyden CRC and the Shire of Kondinin held the Hyden Dawn Service at the Hyden Memorial Rose Garden. Many visitors and locals attended the service with the beautiful sunrise.

Huge thank you to Tyron Utley for leading the service and the behind-the-scenes work. Thank you to the Hyden CRC for assisting with this year's service.

Thank you to the Hyden Lions Club for catering the Breakfast.


Gourmet in the Garden with a Balinese Twist 2023 was an amazing success! Sophie Budd returned to cook for 120 guests this year.

We were lucky to welcome back Mint Events Collective (Simone Lockyer) and her beautiful caravan bar and the amazing singer Sunny Day who kept us entertained with her music.

The garden looked great and this was down to a massive volunteer effort from community members in the lead-up to the night.

Thank you to all the people who helped in the kitchen during the day, all those who came to help set up the marquee and the festoon lights, and all the staff at the Shire who helped in so many ways.


Works have commenced with the re-surfacing of the Hyden Tennis Courts and Hotshots / Bumper Board courts and associated drainage works, with the Hyden community undertaking a busy bee on the 9th of March 2023 to remove the old surface. It was all hands on deck and was completed quicker than expected due to all the helpers and coordination of those involved. Drainage works commenced during the week beginning the 13th of March 2023 to be followed up with a new bumper board and lastly the laying of the new surface anticipated to be undertaken in May 2023. The removal of some of the trees on the northern and eastern sides of the tennis courts is scheduled to be undertaken this week.

This project has been made possible through the dedication and commitment of the Hyden Tennis Club who have been the main driver behind this project and have committed 1/3 of the total cost of work. The Shire of Kondinin were successful in receiving 1/6 of the cost of works ($44, 169) being the maximum that could be received for re-surfacing through the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund with the remainder of the cost of the project being covered by the Shire.

A big thank you to all the helpers at the busy bee.

Don't mess with the Dummies

Dummies Corp are the Australian circus-comedy specialists, recognised for creations of quality that are intelligent, theatrical, inventive and resonate across generations.

Their productions transcend language barriers and their unique brand of dum and delightful has created treasured experiences for audiences across the globe.

Don’t Mess with the Dummies performed in Hyden on Friday the 24th of February which was a fun family filled night.

Thank you everyone for attending.

JW West building

Works are well underway with the new mural on the western wall of the JW West Building now owned by the Shire of Kondinin. The new mural depicts the shops that once operated from this building and has been painted in the Trompe-L’oiel style which creates a highly realistic optical illusion of a three-dimensional space and objects on a two-dimensional surface.

The works are being undertaken by Graeme Miles Richards who is an International Mural Artist based in Perth who has made Kondinin home these last few weeks immersing himself in the community and attending the Gourmet in the Garden last week with a few friends from Perth. Feel free to drop in and have a chat with Graeme whilst he works. This project has been made possible through grant funding received from the RAC and the Kondinin Community Recreation Council.


In January 2023 works commenced upgrading the Hyden Swimming Pool Change Rooms comprising a new roof over the existing building structure and a new internal fit-out to the change rooms. The change rooms have been gutted. Plumbing and works to the roof commenced. Works are on track to be completed by April / May 2023. This project is being funded by the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Phase 3 Grant funding through the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

With the building being rendered and new signage being prepared, the Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting on the 15th of March 2023 to seek community feedback on the proposal to rename the Hyden Swimming Pool from ‘Hyden and Districts Swimming Pool’ to ‘Hyden Aquatic Centre’. Should you wish to provide comment on the proposed name change please complete the survey on the Shire’s website www.kondinin.wa.gov.au or by contacting or visiting the Shire Office or Swimming Pool in Hyden or by emailing hylib@kondinin.wa.gov.au for a survey.


Yeerakine Rock mural

The Yeerakine Rock Mural has been a project that the Kondinin Community Recreation Council has worked on, together with the Kondinin Artists' Group and the Shire of Kondinin

The mural depicts one of the many brave men who had to leave their wives and children behind during the disastrous drought of 1914, leaving early farming progress and communities in ruin.

The mural is created by artist Shakey.

Yeerakine Rock Mural

Anzac Memorial mural

The Kondinin Community Recreation Council and Kondinin Artists' Group recently commissioned the very talented Shakey to paint the mural in the Kondinin Memorial Garden.

The mural honours Minnie Ivy Hodgson and the nurses who lost their lives at Radji beach. The mural will compliment planned upgrades to this area.