What's Happening in our Shire?


The Council at its Ordinary Meeting held on the 16th February 2022 endorsed the projects to be undertaken as part Phase 3 of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Funding. The projects have now been approved by the Department of Infrastructure to a total of $1,086,468 and are now underway. A summary of the approved projects are listed as follows.

  1.  Project: Re-Roof Hyden Tennis Club Building

             Status: Engineering and architectural drawings currently being prepared to go out for quote

       2.  Project: Upgrade to Hyden Swimming Pool Change Rooms

            Status: Engineering and architectural drawings currently being prepared to go out for tender

      3. Project: Asphalt and associated drainage works at Hyden Swimming Pool Car Park

          Status: Drainage Work has been arranged for May 2022 with the anticipation that sealing will be completed by October 2022.

      4. Project: New Ceiling and electrical work at Hyden Golf Club

          Status: This has been completed. Thank you to Reegan Marsh of Woolundra Walls and Ceilings and Mac Cole of Colestan Electrics who did a great job in undertaking this work in time for the winter golf season.

     5. Project: New Bin Enclosures in the three town sites.

         Status: Quotes currently been finalised

     6. Project: CCTV Camera Installation in key locations across the Shire.

        Status: Quotes currently been finalised.

More information on this program and the projects can be viewed from the 16th February 2022 Council Minutes at the following link to the Shire’s website www.kondinin.wa.gov.au under ‘Council’.

Kids Fun Day in Hyden - 13th of April 2022

Wednesday 13th April, We had Tricia from Arty Brellas come down for the day to paint some arty brella with the kids.

This was a great day thank you to all the kids that came along and the parents that help during the day. Huge thank you to Tricia that spent the day with the kids and teaching them the art of painting umbrellas

Also a huge thank you to Heathways and Go for 2 (fruit) & 5 (veg) for supporting this event.

Kondinin Triathlon 2022 - 26th of February 2022

What a great day it was Saturday. We had 40 very excited competitors ready to go Saturday morning.
Starting with a quick briefing then it was time to start the long and short course adults. The under 12s and 12-16 groups were next and ready to go.
This event was really great from the competition coming from far and wide and to the volunteer which events like this can’t be done with out you guys.
Huge thank you to Tory and Shaun who put in a lot of time behind the scenes and help make the day go smoothly.

Kondinin Hockey Field Renovation  - 15th of February 2022

With the Shire being successful in receiving $40,000 of grant funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to upgrade the Kondinin Hockey Field with a new grass playing surface, New Ground were engaged to undertake the works. Additional deep ripping and soil conditioning was added to the original scope of works to ensure the longevity of the playing surface. Whilst there has been a few sprinkler and water supply issues to contend with along the way, these were able to be rectified and the new surface is now complete.

The new turf seems to be taking well and will be ready to play on in the 2022 hockey season. With the additional works, the actual project cost was increased from the estimated $120,000 to $143,892.22. The Shire had budgeted for a shortfall in grant funding and/or variations in its 2021/2022 financials to ensure that the project remained within budget.

A huge thank you to the Kondinin Community Recreation Council who contributed $47,964, a full third of the total project cost. We look forward to hockey games being played in Kondinin this season.

Build a Christmas Tree Competition - 20th of December 2022

Over the past month we have had the build a Christmas comp for our kids! And wow we had so many amazing and creative Christmas trees 
Huge thank you to Hyden school for getting involved and entering around 30 Christmas trees!

Aged Care Units - 15th of December 2022

As part of the Wheatbelt South Aged Housing Alliance through funding from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development the Shire was able to construct much needed two new aged care units in Kondinin and Hyden.

The handover from the builders, Stallion Homes has now been undertaken for all units, and the landscaping is currently being completed with all units anticipated to be ready for tenants by the end of January 2022. Once the landscaping has been completed the units will be handed over to the respective not-for-profit organisations, namely the West Court Retirement Village Inc. and the Hyden Lions Club Inc. to be managed in the same manner as the existing units at the two locations.

A huge thank you to West Court Retirement Village Inc. and the Hyden Lions Club Inc. for their valuable input throughout the project to make sure that the units were designed in the best interests of the prospective tenants.

KONDININ BOWLING GREEN - 15th of December 2022

The Kondinin Bowling Green has recently been re-surfaced with a new synthetic surface, undertaken By Ever Green Synthetic Grass.

Whilst the Shire was unsuccessful with receiving grant funding for this project, the Kondinin Bowling Club and the Kondinin Community Recreation Council were able to contribute $60,000 and $12,579 respectively towards the project, reducing the Shire’s contribution to $55,977.

A huge thank you to the Kondinin Bowling Club for all their work in organising the re-surface and a special shout out to Brad Crisp who since the surface has been laid has spent many hours watering and rolling the surface to make sure it is a high standard bowling rink. 


The Shire have now signed the Grant Agreement with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications for the third round of funding through the Local Roads at Community Infrastructure Program (LRCI).

The amount that the Shire of Kondinin will receive in this third round is $1,086,468.

The intended outcomes of the LCRI Program are to:

  • Provide stimulus to protect and create local short-term employment opportunities through funded projects following the impacts of COVID-19; and
  • Deliver benefits to communities, such as improved road safety, accessibility and visual amenity.

Similar to the first and second round, funding is available for local road and community infrastructure projects that involve the construction, maintenance and/or improvements to council-owned assets (including natural assets) that are generally accessible to the public. Projects will need to deliver benefits to the community, such as improved accessibility, visual amenity and safety benefits. Below is a list of projects that were funded through LRCI Rounds 1 and 2, all of which have addressed the intended outcomes of the Program:

LCRI Round One (Total $543,234)

  • Hyden and Kondinin Sports Precinct Car Parking Sealing
  • Wave Rock Precinct, Bush Tucker Garden, Signage and Board Walk
  • Marshall Street, Hyden Landscaping
  • Wave Rock Toilet Screen
  • Tolland Road Standpipe Controller
  • Footpaths in Hyden, Karlgarin and Kondinin
  • Toilet Block Kondinin Information Bay

LRCI Round Two (Total $384,684)

  • Standpipes at Aylmore Road, Kondinin Lake Road and Bendering Road
  • New BBQ’s at Hyden Swimming Pool, Kondinin Swimming Pool and Stafford Park, Karlgarin
  • Footpaths in Karlgarin and Hyden
  • Upgrade to Hyden Swimming Pool Car Park
  • New shelter and associated infrastructure at Kondinin Community Garden
  • Upgrades to Kondinin Caravan Park

An item is being presented to the Ordinary Meeting of Council on the 15th December 2021 to determine the projects to be undertaken in the third round of funding.

Hyden Bike Fun Ride - 14th of October 2021

What an incredible day we had in Hyden on Saturday.
We started in Coronation park for a quick chat and then the ride was on its way to Wave Rock. We had 23 kids and heaps of parents who help guide the kids across the roads and to/from Wave Rock.
It was a successful day with no crashes or injuries!
Once we all arrive back from Wave Rock the Hyden Men’s Shed put on a great sausage sizzle!
A huge thank you to all the kids who came along and participate. To all the parents who help with kids and also came along for the ride.
Thank you to the Hyden Men’s Shed for doing the BBQ for us.
A huge thank you to Dave for helping us behind the scenes for the day!

More Information

kndcdo@kondinin.wa.gov.au and  hycdo@kondinin.wa.gov.au Community Tourism Economic Development Officers