With good autumn rains, spectacular wildflowers are in abundance across the Shire of Kondinin during August and October. Blankets of everlastings and a selection of orchids can be seen in many of the nature reserves.

Woodland and granite rock areas are the best places to find orchids. In our Shire Yeerakine Rock (Kondinin), McCann's Rock (Karlgarin) and Wave Rock (Hyden) are the top places to find the hidden beautiful orchids.


Yeerakine Rock is only a 12km drive from the townsite of Kondinin.
Take one of the two walk trails with interpretative panels and wander through Sheoak woodland (Allocasuarina huegeliana) with Jam (Aacia acuminata), interspersed by Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) and Tea tree (Leptospermum species) which changes heading north as the landscape rises through eucalypt woodland and mallee, to tammar scrub with many spring flowering shrubs (Hibbertia, Melaleuca, Isopogon).

During August and October, some of the wildflowers to look out for include the Donkey Orchid (Diuris Corymbosa) and the Pink Candy Orchid (Caledenia) as well as the Broom Milkwort (Comesperma Scoparium). To help you identify the various species a booklet has been prepared that you can collect from the Kondinin Shire Office or the Kondinin Community Resource Centre, both located in Gordon Street, Kondinin.


Leaving Kondinin and driving towards Hyden you will drive past Karlgarin.
The best spots for wildflowers are around the Karlgarin Hill Reserve and McCann's Rock Reserve.
Karlgarin Hills has expanses of woodlands, Gimlet (Euc salubris), Salmon gum (Euc salmonophloia), Morrel (Euc longicornis) interspersed with melaleuca thickets and rocky outcrops.
McCann's Rock has a great picnic and BBQ area surrounded by Sheoak, Acacia and many spring flowering shrub species.


Heading down to Wave Rock? take the walking circuit around Wave Rock and along Hippo's Yawn, where you can catch the wildflower blooming around August and September.
Wave Rock, Hippo's Yawn and Mulka's Cave there are more everlastings, orchids and many other small shrubs which flower in spring. Out at the Humps, the interpretive panels provide a great walk over The Humps and past a population of Gungurru, (Eucalyptus caesia ssp caesia, priority 4 rare flora), spectacular with weeping branches, miniritchie bark and pink flowers in winter.

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