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Images by Angie Roe Photography
Kondinin is a vibrant and proud Wheatbelt town to a community of 354 people. While travelling through our town make sure you visit Yeerkine Rock (located 13km south of Kondinin), Statues Lake (located 10km west of Kondinin on the Corrigin-Kondinin road) and stock up on supplies in town, plus many more.

The first settler was pre-survey, S.I. Jones, in 1909. The town was surveyed in 1914 and, with the Kondinin Progress Association being very active, town lots were quickly taken up. 

The town's first store was built in 1916 and the first school followed a year later. Following the First World War, a bakery and blacksmith shops were established. During the early twenties a co-operative store, railway station office, the National Bank, Post Office and hotel were built. 

Community cohesion across the district was aided by the establishment of the hospital and the formalisation of the Kondinin Road Board in 1925. 

While Driving through Kondinin, make sure you stop in town and check out our 'Art Trail'. Kondinin Art trail starting at Statue Lake (located 10km west of Kondinin on the Corrigin-Kondinin Road), all the way through town and around town, finishing off at Yeerakine Rock (located 3km south of Kondinin via the Williams-Kondinin Road). 

Kondinin Art Trail Brochure - Front & Back

Kondinin Art Trail Brochure - Inside

Pathways to Wave Rock

The township of Kondinin provides the perfect base to explore the Pathways to Wave Rock Drive Trail. 

The Pathways to Wave Rock is a self-drive trail offering a range of unique Wheatbelt experiences and linking the Shires of Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narembeen and Quairading. 

From massive granite outcrops to spectacular views, vibrant wildflowers and try country hospitality, this trail offers a range of unique experiences across the region. Easy day trips can be made to many of the region's unique and iconic sights including Wave Rock. For more information go to the Roe Tourism (Path Ways to Wave Rock) website. http://www.roetourism.com.au/

Pathways to Wave Rock Brochure

Things to see and do!

Yeerakine Rock

Yeerakine Rock is located 13km south of Kondinin (via the Williams-Kondinin Rd). Like so many rocks in the Wheatbelt, was initially used as a vital supply of rainwater. It was first sighted by Europeans when John Septimus Roe travelled through the area. 

There are two walkways to take, one with the interpretative panels wanders through all the Sheoak woodland with Jam trees, interspersed by Sandalwood and Tee Tree which changes heading north as the landscape rises through eucalypt woodland and mallee, to tammar scrub with many spring-flowering shrubs (Hibbertia, Melaleuca, Isopogon). 

It offers excellent view across the wheat fields and has a pleasant shady picnic area at the base with picnic table, a fire pit with a hot plate (only allowed in winter) and walk trails with information signage. The rock is easily climbed, giving good views over the surrounding areas. The Rock also has a sculpture at the top of the rock that was made in memory of the Kondinin locals that fought in the Frist World War.  

Yeerakine Rock

Yeerakine Rock Wildflower Walk

Statues Lake 

The Lake known locally as the Statues lake, is also a special place. At various times of the year it turns a brilliant yellow/green as a result of the formation of algae. It reputedly  commonly happens around November. 

Statue Lake is located 10km west of Kondinin on the Corrigin-Kondinin Road, One of the sculpture which is titled   "Waiting for Hay" was created by Kelly Browning, a local farmer, using star pickets. The images created are 'Clearing the Land', 'Waiting for Rain', 'Shearing the Sheep' and 'Inspecting the Crop'.

Kondinin Lake, Pioneer Cemetery and Well

Kondinin has a large salt lake that is only 5km drive west of town. The lake is one of the local's favourite spots to hang out in the summer after a good season of rain. It is a great spot for people who enjoy bird watching, wildflowers, sailboats, kayaking and water sports, such as skiing. 

The Pioneer Cemetery (1910-1950) is situated on the east side of the lake, Condinin Well is a replica of one of J.S. Roe's original water points. 

Kondinin Community Garden

Kondinin Community Garden is Kondinin's take of turning an unused area into an area for people to benefit and enjoy at a low cost. The site of the Community Garden was the town's local pool until it was closed due to plumbing issues. The Community Garden project was funded in 2016 by volunteers and now are working side on with the Shire of Kondinin. The Community Garden is full of different artworks/ statues, plants, a nature playground, aboriginal artwork, toilets, and even a pizza oven that can be rent out.

Visitors are welcome to go and have a stroll through the fabulous community garden.


The best time of the year for wildflowers in Kondinin is during August and October, there are blankets of everlastings and a selection of orchids can be seen in many of the reserves.

During August and October, some of the wildflowers to look out for include the Donkey Orchid and the Pink Candy Orchid as well as the Broom Milkwort.
To help you identify the various species a booklet has been prepared that you can collect from the Kondinin Shire Office or the Kondinin Community Resource Centre, both located in Gordon Street, Kondinin.