The Shire is responsible for the administration of the Kondinin Pioneer, Kondinin and Hyden Cemeteries.  Plots or Niche Wall compartments can be reserved at both the Kondinin and Hyden Cemeteries by contact the Shire Office 9889 1006

The following is a price guide

2023/2024 Cemetery Fees - GST Inc
Standard Burial $700.00
Reopening of an ordinary grave $700.00
Reopening of an ordinary grave as for exhumation $700.00
Permission to erect a headstone or monument $ 30.00
Internment of ashes in the Niche Wall $ 52.00

Kondinin Pioneer Cemetery

Attached is a listing for the Kondinin Pioneer Cemetery - we wish to advise that the information listed has been copied from the original cemetery records and as such may not be correct - every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information is correct.  We do apologise if there are mistakes, please do not hesitate to contact Heather or Ellen at the Shire Office on  9889 1006 with the correct information.

Kondinin Pioneer Cemetery - Alphabetical

Kondinin Pioneer Cemetery - Date


Kondinin Cemetery and Niche Wall

Kondinin Niche Wall

Wall A

Wall A

Wall B

Wall B

Kondinin Niche Wall A

Kondinin Niche Wall B

Hyden Cemetery and Niche Wall

Hyden Cemetery

Cemetery 1

Cemetery 2

Cemetery 3

Hyden Niche Wall

Wall 1

Wall 2

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