Welcome to Hyden 

Hyden is bush living at its best! Hyden roughly has a population of 437 and is situated 340km east of Perth WA, via the Brookton Highway. The earliest recorded farming was in 1922 and descendants of these settlers still live in Hyden. Wheat production started in 1927 and it was carted to Kondinin until the railway from Lake Grace reached Hyden in 1932. More than 100,000 tourists visit Hyden every year to enjoy the granite attraction of Wave Rock and also other remarkable granite outcrops including Mulka’s Cave and The Humps.

Hyden also has other attractions and fun activities to do such as swimming in the salt pool at the Wave Rock Resort to checking out the statute artwork in town. For those chasing a bit of colour, August to October is the best time of the year to catch the wildflowers in full bloom.

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Pathways to Wave Rock

The Pathways to Wave Rock is a self-drive trail offering a range of unique Wheatbelt experiences and linking the Shires of Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narembeen and Quairading. 

From massive granite outcrops to spectacular views, vibrant wildflowers and try country hospitality, this trail offers a range of unique experiences across the region. Easy day trips can be made to many of the region's unique and iconic sights including Wave Rock. For more information go to the Roe Tourism (Path Ways to Wave Rock) website. http://www.roetourism.com.au/

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Things to See and Do!

Wave Rock 

Wave Rock makes Hyden a unique attraction, which separates itself from dozens of small towns in the Western Australian Wheatbelt.

Wave Rock is about 15 metres high, 100 metres long and shaped like a breaking ocean wave. Wave Rock is about 2.7 billion years old, making it one of the oldest rocks in the world.

Located 5km east of Hyden and is signposted, will take you to the car park at the base of Wave Rock. 

There is an entry fee of $12 per vehicle and then it is a 100m walk to see the Wave Rock.

There are a number of walking trails at Wave Rock, which will take you up and around the rock and to the other rock formations. Trail maps can be collected at the Shire of Kondinin office or at the Wave Rock kiosk.

For further information on Wave Rock and surrounding areas go to http://waverock.com.au/

Walk Trails at Wave Rock & The Humps - Front & Back

Walk Trails at Wave Rock & The Humps - Inside

Images by Angie Roe Photography

Hippo's Yawn 

Hippo's Yawn consists of an unusually shaped granite tour that was formerly part of the larger outcrop. This is the second most visited site in Hyden.

It is connected to Wave Rock and the car park by a loop walking track, approximately 1km long. 

The $12 entry fee to Wave Rock also covers Hippo's Yawn but can only be purchased at the base of Wave Rock at the ticket machine or the Wave Rock kiosk. 


photo: Angry_pirate_adventures (Instagram)

Mulka's Cave

The name Mulka comes from an Aboriginal legend associated with the cave.

Mulka was the illegal son of a woman who fell in love with a man with whom marriage was forbidden according to their law. It is believed that as a result of breaking these rules, she bore a son with crossed eyes. Even though he grew to be an outstandingly strong man of colossal height, his crossed eyes prevented him from aiming a spear accurately and becoming a successful hunter. Out of frustration, it is said Mulka turned to catching and eating human children and he became the terror of the district. He lived in Mulka's Cave, where the imprints of his hands can still be seen, much large and higher than that of an ordinary man.

Mulka's Cave 

Photo: @australiangoldenoutback 

Lake Magic & Salt Pool

Lake Magic has situated about 1.5km to the north of Wave Rock. The water in the lake is clear but salty and the lake base is made of gypsum and is surrounded by beach sand around the perimeter.
Lake magic is known for the water changing colours from green to pink.
Wake early to experience the lake at sunrise and marvel over the colour changes as the sun comes up over the horizon.

The Salt Pool is 1.5km away from Wave Rock next to Lake Magic.
The 20m round, 6m deep swimming pool-like gypsum pond whose buoyancy and therapeutic properties are greater than those of the Dead Sea.

Lake Magic & Salt Pool  

Photo: @mkz.imagery (Instagram) 

Pioneer Town 

The Pioneer Town Museum is located at the Wave Rock kiosk at the base of Wave Rock.
The Pioneer Town Museum features a variety of site-specific displays, including a general store (complete with old grocery items), pipes, tobacco tins, cameras and veterinary instruments from the 1930s, a bar from the German Embassy in Fremantle, a kitchen display from the 1900s, and a bottle collection dating back to 1870.

The Lace Place

An extensive lace collection dating back to the 1600s can be found at The Lace Place in Hyden.
Take a look at the intricate detail of many handmade antique gowns and wedding dresses. Be sure to look out for the offcut from Princess Diana's wedding veil, which the collection was privileged to secure.


The Lace Place

Images by Angie Roe Photography

The Toy Solider Museum 

The toy solider collection was previously owned by Alex Smith who amassed 10,000 toy soldiers over 60 years in displays depicting battles fought over hundreds of years.

The Toy Solider Museum 1The Toy Solider Museum 2

Images by Angie Roe Photography

Wildlife Park 

Wave Rock Wildlife Park allows visitors to experience Australian native wildlife up close.
Three hectares of natural bushland creates a beautiful haven for the native and exotic animals and birds that live at the Wave Rock Wildlife Park. Don't miss the white, grey or silver kangaroos and wallabies, koalas, golden possums, deers, donkeys, alpacas, camels, exotic poultry, water birds, swans, owls, betongs, wombats and many more.
Many other native animals and birds like the area so much that they have moved in, so keep an eye out for native birds and lizards that roam freely throughout the park.


The best time of the year for wildflowers in Hyden is during August and October, there are blankets of everlastings and a selection of orchids can be seen in many of the reserves.

During August and October, some of the wildflowers to look out for include the Spider, Donkey, Bee, Cowslip, Ant, Dragon, and different Sun Orchids.

Wave Rock, Hippo's Yawn and Mulka's Cave are filled with wildflowers during the months of August to October. The Wave Rock Caravan Park always have the latest update with the wildflowers in that area, plus amazing books to learn more. 

Wildflowers - Shire of Kondinin

Hyden Art Trail

The art trail in Hyden recognises and celebrates the creativity of the residents across Hyden. There are heaps of different types of artwork from sculptures to murals.

Sculptures are made from old machinery, implements, and scrap metal that tell the history of Hyden, from early times prior to settlement, through to the first tourists in the 1970s.
The sculptures can be found to the right along the main street in Hyden.

Kondinin Art Trail Maps - Front & Back

Kondinin Art Trail Maps - Inside