Holland Track - 4WD Only

Follow on the path of early pioneer explorers and discover the riches of the Golden Outback region.

For travellers that like to travel the road less travelled the Holland Track offers a great experience.  The track is approximately 350km in length and accessible by 4WD only.  The track connects the townsite of Hyden home to Wave Rock and the historic mining town of Coolgardie.

It is also advised to carry extra fuel, water, first aid supplies, food rations as well as a comprehensive tool kit and spares.  It is also another good idea to let somebody know when you start and finish the track.

The following is an extract of their drive:

Track was really easy.  First 40kms took us 3 1/2 hours but after that was easy going. Lots of camping areas along the track.  Every 10kms or so there was a place to park up.  Some only big enuf for 1 vehicle others could take up to 6.  From Holland Track we did Cave Hill then the woodline track to Burra Rock.   Tracks were really good but easy to see that in wet weather would b very rough going.   Only needed 4wd once and that's only cause we didn't want to take the Chicken  track lol.   2wd vehicle definitely couldn't do because of height clearance needed under vehicle.   Scenery was forever changing. Went from flat bush on both sides to trees hanging over doing their best to scratch car.  Got lots of new pinstrips now lol.   Signage all the way so you cant take wrong turn and get lost. 

The stars at night time were unbelievable, we don't get stars at work as to many lights from minesite.

Out of 10 I would give it a 8.  Could easily leave Perth do trip we did come out at Coolgardie and get back to Perth in 4 days. Allow extra day for wet weather.

Would b great doing on motorbikes (track bikes that is) looking forward to doing again in wet weather.

 We would love to hear about your trip - and if you have any photos that would be wonderful. You can contact us by e-mail - cso@kondinin.wa.gov.au 

Holland Track Bushfire Season Information

Holland Track Map 2019

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