Murray James

Mobile: 0427 895 085

Fax: (08) 9889 5085

Term Expires: 2027

I was born in the Kondinin Hospital in 1955, have lived and worked in the Shire of Kondinin, in the Karlgarin district, all my life, bar the years spent at boarding school in Perth.
I have been involved in a number of diverse community groups within the Karlgarin/Hyden district, currently and previously;

• Karlgarin North Fire Officer
• Hyden Business Development Group, share holder
• Kondinin-Karlgarin-Hyden Pipeline -Team Leader
• Councillor Kondinin shire 2015
• Karlgarin PS, P&C President

I have been a member of many sporting clubs, and have held official positions at some.
I am married to Leonie and have three adult children.
Along with my wife and two sons we own and manage our farming business - grain and sheep production - in Karlgarin.
I have a strong belief in the future of agriculture, the main industry in the Kondinin Shire and am keen to support and encourage existing and new businesses within the three towns, to foster healthy economic and social growth.
If elected as your representative councillor on the Shire of Kondinin, I will look forward to working with a strong team to advance the interest of all sectors of our communities.

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